Boobis Logo Reading Strategy

Directions. Strong readers follow strategies to understand what they read. As you read your text, follow and check off the steps below.

Before Reading

    I think about the cover, title, and what I know about the topic (my prior knowledge).

    I skim, looking at and thinking about illustrations, photos, graphs, and charts.

    I read headings and captions.

    I read the back cover and/or print on the inside of the jacket.

    I use the five-finger method to see if the book is just right for me.

    I set a purpose or goal for my reading this text.

    I ask questions.

    I make predictions.

During Reading

    I make mental pictures.

    I identify confusing parts and reread them.

    I use pictures, graphs, and charts to understand confusing parts.

    I identify unfamiliar words and use context clues figure out their meanings.

    I stop and retell to see what I remember. If necessary, I reread.

    I predict and adjust or confirm.

    I raise questions and read on to discover answers.

    I jot down a tough word and the page its on and ask for help.

After Reading

    I think about the characters, settings, events, or new information.

    I discuss or write my reactions.

    I reread parts I enjoy.

    I skim to find details.

    I reread to find support for questions.